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Electroacoustic Composition

Stella nova, 14 mn 40, 2018

A supernova is a star that explodes in a gigantic accumulation of energy and light . Seen from the sky, it is a disappearance, seen from the earth, it is a new star that appears.

Potamocho(e)rus rosus. 9 mn 59, 2017

Sound ramblings. The starting point of this piece is a luxuriant forest occupied by a talkative fauna, and the figure of an imaginary pink bushpig, sensitive, joyful and strong animal. I worked with voice and landscape sound recording using analogic and digital process to bring out the savage and the organic in these materials. I played with their proximity, their accumulation and their sliding .

Inter#11, Stereo, Glasgow, U.K., 2018, February 17th. / FILE, Electronic Language Int. Fest., Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2018


La forêt aux sangliers roses. 10 mn 01, 2017
The pink wild boars forest.

First research around the figure of the pink boar, rough version. The mix is rougher and more compact than in Potamocho(e)rus rosus. The assembly is more destructured.

Les Musiques Festival, Emergence concert, GMEM, Marseille, 2017, May 17th.

Zuhaitz, 13 mn 30, 2017

Sound extract from Zuhaitz video.
Sound and visual exploration around a fire, stars, a tree and a Basque ritual.


MUSLAB, Muestra Internacional de Música Electroacústica, November, 2017, Auditorio Vicente Guerrero, Mexico / Seeing Sound,  March 2018, Bath Spa University, UK / ...

Moutons. 4 mn 10, 2016


Nighttime crossing. Waves are rushing into the floor, beetween dream and reality . Pieces of words are appearing on the surface. Sheeps are being drawn on the night, similar to foam water.

Voices: Isotta Trastevere, Sarah Ouazzani

Festival DME, Lisbon, 2017, October / In Sonora 10, 2018, March, Madrid, Espagne / RMA annual conference, September and  Sonic Voyages: Through the Air, October, Bristol, UK / WOCMAT 2018, december National Chiao Tung University, Taïwan

Chat-huant. 7 mn 28, 2016

In french, the «tawny owl» is also called «Chat-huant». The english traduction would literally be «booing-cat» or «hooting-cat». Tawny owls, nocturnal bird of prey, don’t have visible ears. They, however, ear better than men, thanks to their two asymetrical ears. The forest. The night. Chatter. A dialogue beetween voice and analog synthesizer.

This piece is linking organic and analogic shouts, human and animal shouts. Human voice is slowly taking pleasure in shouting

FILE hypersonica Electronic Language Int. Fest. 2017, July, Sao Paulo, Brésil

Sounds Like Audio Art Fest, 2017, November, Saskatoon, Canada / Sound migration, the Wow project, Automne 2018, Madrid, Espagne

L'hiver, parfois. 7 mn 30, 2016

Sometimes in Winter

Fragments of human and animalpresences. Songs of melodies that disappear in the fresh air. Smell of damp wood. Shifting. Slow. Crackling. Materials in mutation.

Kfé quoi, Forcalquier / Sound week, Polygone étoilé, Marseille

Le sang-froid d'Orphée. 5 mn 10, 2015

The coolness of Orpheus

A piece in two parts. Sound research on slowness, repetition, idea of depth, heaviness ... I 'm thinking about an underground thing and suddently I'm discovering Orpheus, he will find Eurydice!

Liquide amniotique. 4 mn 54, 2015

Amniotic fluid

It is a biological fluid  inside the amniotic sac, in which the embryo is immersed. The amniotic fluid is constantly renewed. Floating. Swing. Repetitions. Harmonics.



Yéti runs.
Yéti makes paths of snow that melt each time.
Yéti rebuilds them but it's never the same.
Yéti shakes his hair.
His coat is a forest.


The two eyes, legs, ears of Yéti:

Pierlau Bertolino:

hurdy-gurdy / stompboxes

Sarah Ouazzani:

voice/flutes / electroacoustic


radio Galère,

Dataplex, June 26th 2018

Data, Marseille, April, 5th, 2019

Acustica, Mauricio Kagel

Interpretation of Acustica by Mauricio Kagel,  with Cie L'Art de Vivre, a project directed by Pascal Gobin, scenography: Yves Fravega.

Show: L'Embobineuse, Marseille, 2016 May 28th , CNRR de Marseille, 2017 April 3rd

Performances - Sound and Cinema

Ritual for a film to be coming

Ritual for a film to be coming, The Night and the Kid directed by David Yon.


David Yon Screening-Mirror

Rémi-Luc Trompe-Synthesiser-micro-contact-sound objects

Sarah Ouazzani Voice-Violin-Wah wah tube


04 AVRIL 2013 _ Valence- Cinéma Lux- Scène Nationale- Festival En France au Cinéma

27 AVRIL 2013 _ Marseille- Data- organised by Numéro Zéro



"Un chant de mines"


Noise and cinematographic performance about mines in Jerada, Morrocco.


Research residency in Théâtre de la Cité, Marseille, 2013, May 28th-30th

Collective staging and scenograpy• Sound and image Ouahib Mortada, Lo Thivolle et Caro Beuret • Narrators Jean-Marie Nicolas et Ouahib Mortada • Light Annette Zingle • Music- Remi-Luc Saulnier ( Violin-micro-contact- Copper tray)  et Sarah Ouazzani (Accordeon-voice)• Production Numéro Zéro

A sound interview, with the belgian cineast Boris Lehman

... eating pancakes on Greg's boat, with Fabrice Coppin and Rémi Luc for radio programme, En quête de cinéma broadcasted on radio Galère, 2014, January 7th and on Dérives website.

Listening to Boris Lehman leeds to filling life, cinema and freedom. 

Collectives improvisations
Improvised performance on Duverger's studio

Sounds inspired by a tropical atmosphere

... Opening artist's studio, exhibition with Julie Dawid and Matthieu Herreman.

Eric Nau (mini violin-voice), Ludovic Pulli(machines), Rémi Luc (harmonica-percussions), Sarah Ouazzani (voice-flute-accordéon).





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