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El mundo y el soldado
2022, 10 mn

A young woman writes a postcard on a sidewalk café. She believes in life, in joy, in love. A martial reality invades him. She becomes agitated among indifferent passers-by. She is the world. The world presses the heart of the soldier at rest. Is he convalescent? Does he dream? Is he dead?

The film is part of the series «LOTERIA MEXICANA» (work in progress).

La rana y la sandia
2022, 10 mn

From the close observation of the metamorphosis of frog eggs into tadpoles, to that more distant of a couple eating at the river’s edge, realities become entangled. The observation follows the course of a tadpole turned into frog, its jump beyond the river, beyond the species. An experimental fable. A rite of passage, birth and transformation.

The film is part of the series «LOTERIA MEXICANA» (work in progress).

The myth of the eternel return
2018, 5 mn

In The Little Girl in the Forest of Tales, the essayist Pierre Péju mentiones the "delighted child", delighted to follow the flute player, to sink into the forest, to get lost, to meet the beast. I am looking for the sensations of this "delighted child" in the forest of dancers. While the party is in full swing, he struggles not to fall asleep. Dazzled by lights that shined brightly, I was the child. I plunge him into a liquid reverie.

Videoartes Festival, September 12th 2018, premiere in 10 country:  Brazil, México, United States, Chile , Italy, England, Portugal, Sweden, France Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo • Montevideo, Uruguay / MUSLAB, Faro Aragon, Ciudad of Maxico December 5th 2018 / Rencontres Traverse Vidéo, Cinémathèque de Toulouse, March 2019 / Screendance festival, Freiburg Theater, Germany / ...

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2017, 13 mn 30
Zuhaitz english

«Zuhaitz» is the Basque word for «tree». This video uses the pretext of a heathen rite - celebrated each year in the period around the 15th of August in a small Basque village - to enter into a daydream, guided by fire, and to explore subjectively and sensitively this rite’s impact on its surrounding environment. Like the tree which unites opposites, I try to reconcile the intimacy of an evening around a fire with a nocturnal village celebration lit by torches. I act by sliding and overprinting both the sound and visual materials, while preserving their autonomy_ in order to foster transformations.

Festival international de cinema et vidéo expérimentale Bideodromo, 2017 September 26th, Bilbao, Spain / MUSLAB, Muestra Internacional de Música Electroacústica 2017 November 14th , Auditorio Vicente Guerrero, Mexico / Stuttgarter Filmwinter, 2018 February, 8_11th , Stuttgart, Germany / ... See all screenings

2015, 10 mn 30


Halo english

An invitation to contemplate, to drift: a moving panorama . We are rotating around the tower of Fanal, chasing the sun, from the moment it appeared on the « Vieux-Port » of Marseille, view from the tower, to its disappearance, behind the tower. The eye follows an axis of 180 degrees, according to some temporal contingencies wich are creating a playful choreography, with urban and marine sounds.


This video was realised for an exhibition in MUCEM Marseille, scenography: Isabelle Dolivet. December 31th 2015- January 2nd 2016.

Vues d'exposition Clémentine Crochet
2015, 7 mn 12


Ancre 1

Water. Sea. Matrix. Amniotic fluid.
When I was a child, my mother showed me a book to explain how the children are born. At sunset, a man and a woman were kissing each other, fish were blending with the reflections of the sun on the water,... Marseille, end of the day, I'm looking the glowing red sea. I make my childhood memories come true.

Festival Traverse Vidéo, 18 Mars 2016, Toulouse, France / XII muestra monografica de Media art, 9 au 13 Mai 2016, Manizales, Colombia / TrixXxiefest, 24-25 Juin in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada / Portobello Film Festival, London, U.K., 1 Septembre 2016 / Women Media Art and Film Festival, Sydney, Australia, 1-2 Octobre 2016 / MIVA X Festival International de Video Arte, Quito, Equateur, 9 Septembre - 9 Octobre 2016 /  ... See all screenings...

O vol
2012, 13 mn


ovol english

A free film interpretation from Anémochore # 2, a plastic and choreographic project on body, air and landscape, as part of the opening of KLAP, Maison pour la Danse in St Mauront _ Marseille on the 10th and 11 October 2011.

Anémochore project #2

Conception Rémi Duthoit et Christophe Le Blay / Composition musicale Morgan Daguenet / Composition images/lumière TiO /

Direct vidéo Sarah Ouazzani /

​Remerciements à Kelemenis & Cie, à toute l'équipe Klap, Maison pour la Danse, à l'association le Métacarpe pour le prêt de la caméra, à l'air toujours là pour lier et maintenir en vie.​

​Production Sarah Ouazzani, Bertuf, les éoliens et l'Echancrure.

De l'une à Elles

2007, 44 mn


lune english

When does one become a woman? I asked my sister, my mother and my grandmother. I confronted their memories with mine_using archival images of other women_women I did not know. I appropriated their youth, their femininity to lead my quest, and build this film by letting me carry by the poetry of these images and the daydreams that they awakened.

Chapacan Production,​Cinémémoire,​ 2007

With the help of CNC, National Center for Cinema, Région Paca, Défi-jeunes. Broadcasted in Canal Maritima 2007; Awarded a prize in Memorimages, International Film Festival, Reus, Spain; selected in Festival du Film de Famille, St Ouen, France; broadcasted in local TV, CanalMaritima; in differents cinémas and theater in France : Le Méliès, Port de Bouc - Comoedia, Aubagne - Daki Ling, Théâtre du Petit Matin, Kawawatei, Marseille - Fête du livre jeunesse, St-Paul-Trois-Châteaux,...

L'image des femmes dans le film de famille

2003, 10 mn


​The image of women in the family film is a 10-minute editing using archive footage from the association Cinémémoire.

It compares with a certain irony the evolution of women's rights over the century and the evolution of their image in family films, reflecting their place in society.

Broadcasted in 2003, March, in "Rendez-vous d'archives"  Circuit Court / and in 2004, November, in Marseille Cinémathèque in presence of Roger Odin, family film archives specialist.

Le Cirque
2002, 8 mn


Co-directed with Céline Renaudeau as part of a DESS documentary production, this film shows the imagination of children around the Circus and their learning during a class discovery.

This film was broadcast on Alsatic in August 2002.

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