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"Chat huant" at Sounds Like Fest, Saskatoon, Canada

Dernière mise à jour : 2 nov. 2018

PAVED Arts presents

Sounds Like VII : Dialogues, November 9 - 12, 2017 Dialogues: a critical investigation of sound as interpersonal discourse

A dialogue is more than a simple conversation. It’s purpose is to not only understand what is being said, but why it is being said. Through respectful dialogs, we have the ability to move outside of ourselves, losing the sense of being inside our own bodies as we connect with an other person. This year, at Sounds Like VII, both the artist and the audiences are encouraged to explore the concept of Dialogues, to listen deeply, to question and respond to the work presented, and to each other. And, like an open dialog, you can expect the works presented to veer into vulnerable or explosive territories, at times intimate and whispered, or passionate and fierce, or even critical and coersive. Enter the dialogue, and leave with a broader view of the world we live in. Thanks to venue support from community partners La Troupe du Jour, Remai Modern, and The Broadway Theatre, Sounds Like extends the conversation to a broad public, creating an event that is as much about careful listening as it is about creative expression. Enjoy the festival! - Chad, Tod, and Travis  // Unheard Sound Collective

Sounds Like an After Party// Saskatoon artist, Jon Vaughn, has been planning after-parties for Sounds Like festival, since it’s inception in 2011. In 2016, PAVED Arts decided to make these after-parties an official part of the festival, and so a tradition lives on. Jon Vaughn has continued the theme of Dialogues with his curation of the after party programme, with a focus on live collaborations, experimental electronics, and contemporary vinyl DJs.  ~ Thursday, November 9, 2017 at La Troupe du Jour Robert AA Lowe (New York NY) Martin Rodriguez (Montreal QC) Jeneen Frei Njootli (Vuntut Gwitchin, Vancouver BC)

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe // is a Brooklyn-based artist and multi-instrumentalist who works with voice and electronics to create spontaneous and ecstatic musical compositions, often under the moniker of Lichens. Most recently, creating patch pieces with modular synthesizer and singing to them has been a focus of live performance and recordings. Lowe believes that the sensitivity of analogue modular sound systems echoes the organic nature of vocal expression, and that the two together can induce a trancelike state that promotes deeper listening. As a philosophical explorer of the interplay between human and artistic expression and technology, we are thrilled to bring Robert to Saskatoon for the first time, where he will be performing his spontaneous audio work, in conjunction with visual projections, by artist Patrick Smith.

Martin Rodriguez // Radio Therapy (2015) The fog of chemo and numbness of radiation. The brain surgery. Paralysis. The seizure that exposed it all. The sterile sounds of the hospital. One must find a way to heal. Radio Therapy expresses these sentiments by transforming the brutal sounds of Rodriguez’s MRI into a meditation on the healing process of his recovery from a cancerous brain tumor, creating both a soothing and battling ambiance of recovery & remission. Radio Therapy is produced by harnessing radio frequencies alongside a transmission of Rodriguez’s MRI brain scan through a transducer that is attached to a standalone guitar, forcing the body of the guitar to vibrate. Influenced by environmental sounds, Rodríguez draws a connection between the instinctive sonic communication occurring in nature and how human beings harness sound for their means of expression to create soundscapes which are living, listening, and engaging in the present. The artist wishes to thanks the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec for its support to this project.

About Jeneen Frei Njootli // Through performance, Vuntut Gwitchin artist, Jeneen Frei Njootli turns an ear to materials, such as caribou antlers, to sound the transmission of embedded and layered ancestral knowledge. This performance is also part of sound art exhibition wnoondwaamin | we hear them, curated by Lisa Myers, on view at PAVED Arts, Nov. 3-Dec 9, 2017. 

Friday, November 10, 2017 at Remai Modern Ora Clementi [crys cole (Winnipeg MB), James Rushford (Australia)] Adam Basanta (Montreal QC)

Ora Clementi // is the duo of Canadian sound artist crys cole and Australian composer-performer James Rushford. Formed in 2013, their collaboration is a unique investigation into liminal performance states, with a focus on text and speech as preconscious thought processes. Central to cole and Rushford’s duo are questions surrounding interpretation, the function of memory, semiotics, and the syntactical discipline of sound within both listener and performer. Utilizing field recordings, electronics, contact mics, various wind and keyboard instruments, percussion and voice, Ora Clementi play with subtleties of sensory perception, invoking a dreamlike context that hovers between musical performance and pure abstraction. 

crys cole is a Canadian sound artist working in composition, improvised performance and sound installation. cole has exhibited and performed throughout Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia, the USA and Thailand. // James Rushford is an Australian composer-performer, currently based in Los Angeles. His music has been published by Pogus (US),  Prisma (Norway), Bocian (Poland), Penultimate Press (UK), Black Truffle (AUS) and KYE (US). James recently completed a Doctor of Musical Arts at the California Institute of the Arts.

Adam Basanta // Small Movements (2016) During the performance, microphones and speakers are hand-manipulated to create delicate, low volume, harmonic feedback melodies and chords; jars are placed on top of speakers as physical sonic filters; cassette tape recorders record their surroundings and play it back in phased loops. The performance relies on small movements, small changes in the relationship between performer and technologies, and technologies to one another, meditating on the instabilities of sound production; the quiet, fragile and delicate phenomena resulting from the intertwining of sonic technologies. Adam Basanta is a Montreal-based sound artist, composer, and performer of experimental music. His work traverses sound installations, electroacoustic and instrumental composition, site-specific interventions, and laptop performance. Across disciplines and media, he interrogates intersections between conceptual and sensorial dimensions of listening, instabilities of instrumentality, and means with which site and space can be articulated.

Saturday, November 11, 2017 at PAVED Arts Workshop w/ Adam Basanta: Digital Sound Manipulation and Design Open Talk & Live Demo w/ Colin Fisher: Live Acoustic Improvisation

At Emmanuel Anglican Church, The Refinery Colin Fisher (Toronto ON) Civvie (Winnipeg MB)

Colin Fisher // is a Toronto-based multi-instrumentalist/composer/improviser, who is active within many various communities and aesthetics. His solo work explores what he feels is the essential power/potential of music that exceeds classification. This potential reveals itself through listening deeply to ones biological organism and its connection to greater creation. Fisher believes that music has the capacity to create, to sustain life, and to bring the organism back into balance/homeostasis. Colin’s collaborative work links him across various communities and localities - he is most active in Not the Wind, Not the Flag, a psychedelic/ecstatic music duo with percussionist/musician Brandon Valdivia. Their decade long exploration of duo music has produced a substantial recording output, as well as a vast amount of live performance and tour experiences. A vital and engaged voice in the Improvised, Rock, Folk, Experimental and Creative Music Community in North America, Fisher has also been active with Elfin Choirs (solo project), Bernice, Many Arms, I Have Eaten The City, Bad Breath, HAHA, Body Help, Pick-A-Piper, & New Civilization. Colin has appeared and collaborated with: Anthony Braxton, Caribou, Jah Youssouf, Rhys Chattam, William Parker, Dominic Duval, Sabir Mateen, Joe Mcphee, Maury Coles, David Daniels, Chris Kelsey, Paul Hession, and many others.

CIVVIE // is an experimental trio improvising on amplified bassoon, cello, and weaving loom. Based in Winnipeg, Civvie creates arresting soundscapes using extended techniques and digital effects, stretching the sonic possibilities of their instruments. The percussive sounds of the weaving loom are layered, its incidental cadence suggesting the pulse of an increasingly industrialized world. The bassoon and cello respond to the woven rhythms in a haunting dialogue, both concerned and hopeful for the future that unfolds. Drawn to the variability of spontaneous compositions, their musical conversations evoke a natural world under the siege of human progress.

Sunday, November 12 at Aka artist-run / PAVED Arts Event Space Two free film & video programs curated especially for this years theme of Dialogues. • Light <> Sound: A selection of works presented by Winnipeg Underground Film Festival • Spirit Guide to Low Tech: A selection of works presented by Panospria Sponsored in part by BlackFlash Magazine.

Spirit Guide to Low Tech // Presented by Panospria, curated by Constantine Katsiris (Vancouver, BC)     1. Zodiacal Light (8:54), Leyla Majeri & Katherine Kline. Montreal, 2012    2. Wavedrifting No.1 (6:47), Gary James Joynes. Edmonton, 2011    3. 3 x 2 (2:38), Erin Sexton. Montreal, 2011    4. My Travels in Palestine (15:10), Jean Bourbonnais, Alexander Moskos & Blake Hargreaves. Montreal, 2009    5. Vertigo Digression No.3 (12:03), Julie Gendron & Emma Hendrix. Vancouver, 2016    6. Sweeper (16:58), crys cole. Winnipeg, 2009

ONGOING: Film / Video / Sound Installations November 6 - 12 At PAVED Arts: Sara Ouazzani, Chat-huant, sound installation, 7.30min In french, the tawny owl is also called Chat-huant. The english translation would literally be booing-cat or hooting-cat. Tawny owls, nocturnal bird of prey, don't have visible ears. They, however, hear better than men, thanks to their two asymmetrical ears. The forest. The night. Chatter. A dialogue between voice and analog synthesizer. This piece links organic and analog sounds, human and animal shouts. The human voice slowly taking pleasure in shouting.

November 9 - 11 at The Storefront (325 21 Street West) Light <> Sound: Presented by Winnipeg Underground Film Festival, curated by Aaron Zeghers (Winnipeg MB)    1. Univverrsal Picturessssss (.5min), dir. Jan Mensen    2. Horizontes (3.5min), dir. Miguel Aparicio    3. Dingbat's Revenge (7min), dir. Scott Fitzpatrick    4. (I)FRAME (10.5min), dirs. Karissa Hahn + Andrew Kim    5. Parallel Inquiries (9.5min), dir. Christina C. Nguyen    6. Burning Star (4min), dir. Joshua Solondz    7. Crop Duster Octet (5min), dir. Gregg Biermann    8. BLOPS (3min), dir. John Klacsmann    9. Answer Print (5min), dir. Mónica Savirón   10. Hacked Circuit (15min), dir. Deborah Stratman

Spirit Guide to Low Tech: Presented by Panospria, curated by Constantine Katsiris (Vancouver, BC)     1. Zodiacal Light (8:54), Leyla Majeri & Katherine Kline. Montreal, 2012    2. Wavedrifting No.1 (6:47), Gary James Joynes. Edmonton, 2011    3. 3 x 2 (2:38), Erin Sexton. Montreal, 2011    4. My Travels in Palestine (15:10), Jean Bourbonnais, Alexander Moskos & Blake Hargreaves. Montreal, 2009    5. Vertigo Digression No.3 (12:03), Julie Gendron & Emma Hendrix. Vancouver, 2016    6. Sweeper (16:58), crys cole. Winnipeg, 2009


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